A Fool’s Gold

Accidentally meeting Lolade, his long lost friend he never really got over; Demola is struck with multi-luck as he was also given an appointment in Chief Durojaiye’s company as his personal assistant.

After three years of working for Lolade’s father and also been engaged to her, he decided to take a new step into his career moving to Ilorin to become the General manager of McSawyer and sons Nig Ltd, that was were he met Wunmi.

Five months later the sweet love story turns very bitter as Wunmi finds out Demola was engaged and punished him severely, leaving him in a state of total wretch. After the whole ordeal he realised all what he had done and come to understand the true meaning behind one of life’s greatest lessons “all that glitters is not gold”.

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A Fool’s Gold

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A Holiday to Remember

Last month I wrote a short story which I would like to share with everyone reading this.

I wanted to see how well I could switch from my traditional write-ups which involved a lot of adventure with a tint of romance and/or action, so I sat down and thought of a very good way to start.

I began with focusing my theme on Africa, narrowing it down to my country, Nigeria (my nation, my pride). After hours of brainstorming I decided to bring in my normal pattern of writing.

With these new changes I was able to learn more and work on enhancing myself in ways I least expected.

Now I’m in love with African literature and I can’t wait to write more (actually I’m preparing for one which would be out ending of this month).

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A Holiday to Remember