My Graduating Days (Complete)

I was a little delayed with the upload as I anticipated but all-in-all here it goes.

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My Graduating Days

It is quite a short one but as interesting as it should be.
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The King’s Armour (Continued)

Second on the list and also promises to be an improving step forward. Here goes chapter one (snapped). The typed and edited copy of the first five chapter would be out for your viewing pleasures next month.
Thanks to all who visits and take their time to read and feel content in the little I havr to offer, you all are the reason this hasn’t ended, thanks again.

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The King’s Armour

Back again as promised, hope you all enjoyed Dragons and Monsters (to those who have read it), if you haven’t please try to, thanks.
The King’s armour is second on the list and is already being prepared for you all to download – read – like – comment – share – et cetera …

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Dragons and Monsters (Complete version)

Dragons and Monsters

Here is the mystical fantasy I had promised to publish to you all. It came with a promise also to be interesting, worth your time and completely free of any charge at the moment. All you just have to do is Download – Read – Comment – Share – Come back for More and it goes on and on. I hope you enjoy it, thanks.