I Never Learn

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I Never Learn.

I think everyone are prone to such dilemma – would this work, even though it does would it be liked, even though it is liked would it get referrals, even though it does would it sell, even though it sells would it span through many years into the future. When I noticed my writing skills for the first time, I wrote out prologues of three novels I was interested in but due to uncertainties I left them because I thought they were no good. Almost a year passed and I took them again, looked at it more critically and saw reasons why it didn’t seem all too appealing to me then, so I started editing trying as much as possible to retain the trends.
After a while I stopped because of all the doubts of a writer in my head; people who I told urged me on but I felt no professional motivations so I came to slack each time.
After a long while of abandoning my work I decided working with one at a time; choosing the one with more ideas in my head to work with I chose ‘Dragons and Monsters’. I started it early last year and to be honest I have never been challenged with myself in a professional level like I was with my first novel; I thought narrowing my write-up would as well narrow the problems attached but I was so wrong, I felt the phases of tribulations over and over again on more open grounds.
When I finally finished my first book, I needed editors and publishers but with almost no cash to walk with. As expected I failed miserably and after a few unsuccessful search I sat down to do it myself.
Through the help of a friend I created a blog here early last year and it was actually getting rotten due to lack of what to use it for, I decided to post my stuffs here and make it useful. I posted the first 10 chapters of my first novel (not edited then) and I had responses, even though it was not a large crowd bt a crowd is a crowd, large or small. With that motivation I moved to stage two, editing.
I had a really difficult time with that but it was worthwhile; I learnt a lot and I was able to make late hour adjustments before finally sealing it on the twenty-seventh day of march. I proofread it and made advertisements, it was still positive but not positive enough for putting a price tag on just yet; my works and I needed to gain trust first.
Finally posted it May and I was a little disappointed when the crowd was a little less than I foresaw but I remembered J.R.R Tolkien and William Shakespears’ books which still sell till now and I was motivated even though I’m way off their league.
I’m proud to announce that Dragons and Monsters is still been downloaded day-by-day and I my blog also has been welcoming new followers by the day. With this positive lights all around I have been greatly motivated to write my second novel (I’m presently on it at the moment). With greater expectations and better outcomes needed from me, I’m using the experiences I got from the first book to upgrade this one.
I have currently completed eight chapters but by the first – second week of next month I would be showcasing the first five chapters.
Everyone has challenges to face in his/her life but never should you allow them ride you; being a writer is a talent most don’t have, enjoy it, build on it, learn from it because it is yours; if you don’t, who will? (Edited)

Do comment on Kath’s post if you have suggestions for her, that’s my comment above.